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Radek Switalski
Working days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 9am-4pm
Email: travel.trainer2@mertonmencap.org.uk
Direct: 020 3963 0593
Mobile: 07872 160 432

Jane Birchmore
Working days: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, 9am-4pm
Email: travel.trainer@mertonmencap.org.uk
Direct: 020 3963 0594
Mobile: 07581 668 012

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Merton Mencap is part of the new London Travel Training Forum, for charities and other organisations to share best practice for travel training services around London.

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Download our leaflet about our Safer Routes to Learning service here

Merton Bus Days

Merton Mencap, Transport for London and Merton Bus Garage has brought monthly ‘Bus Days’ to Merton. On these days, a bus and driver is provided for free to travel a route in Merton, during which our Independent Travel Trainer and volunteers provide training on board, which includes role playing situations which young people often find challenging. The purpose is to enhance the travel training experience by providing simulating ‘real-life’ situations, to support young people to cope in an emergency.


Merton Mencap would like to thank Merton Council for their funding of this service. Merton Council’s support and encouragement for this service, and for the work of Merton Mencap, is greatly appreciated.

Independent Travel Training: Safer Routes to Learning

When: Training times to be agreed with each student
Where: Training is provided on 1:1 basis in the local community with our Independent Travel Trainer
Cost: Free
Access: Eligibility criteria applies: Service provided to students with Special Education Needs, aged 12 years and over. Priority places to students who have completed relevant life-skills training and who receive travel support provided by the local authority in Merton
Referral: Referral by school, college or training provider

The ability to travel independently is very important. Travelling to school, college, work, to see friends and to access local services - in fact, to move around the community is something many of us take for granted.

However, many people with a learning disability find it difficult to travel independently. Negotiating busy roads, identifying the correct bus to board and liaising with the public can present huge challenges.

This is where Safer Routes to Learning comes in.

The London Borough of Merton has commissioned Merton Mencap to support young people with a learning disability to be able to travel independently between home and their place of education or training. The aim is to provide young people with the skills they need to confidently travel on their own, removing the need for transport to be provided for them and supporting their greater independence. Attaining the confidence and skill to travel independently at a young age can open a world of possibilities for their life.

Through practical, individual support, our Independent Travel Trainer accompanies each young person with a learning disability between home and their place of education or training, instructing them how to travel safely. The young person's progress is monitored and tracked until we feel they have demonstrated the required skill to travel the route independently.

Merton Mencap provides this service to students attending schools and colleges in Merton (and some surrounding areas), including Cricket Green School, Raynes Park High, Ricards Lodge High, Rutlish, South Thames Crossroads and Carshalton College.

If you are a young person with a learning disability (or a parent) either living or being educated in Merton or some surrounding areas, and you would like more details about the service, please get in touch by contacting our Independent Travel Trainer Jane Birchmore on:

Direct: 020 3963 0594
Mobile: 07581 668 012
Email: travel.trainer@mertonmencap.org.uk