DiscussionDiscussion topics

Recent discussion topics at the group include:

  • Where are the gaps in local services for people with a learning disability, and what should future priorities be?
  • What sort of housing and support do people want – and how can we make sure these needs are recognized and plans drawn up to meet them?
  • How good are the services provided by local GPs? And are annual health checks working?
  • How is the recent restructuring of the adult social care team affecting services?
  • How does safeguarding operate in Merton, and what should people do if they think there’s a problem?

If you have a view about any of these matters, or any others, please telephone us or email and let us know.


Links to useful documents:


A Step by Step guide for GP Practices: Annual Health checks for people with a learning disability: Download

Carers and their rights, Carers UK/Luke Clements: View


Equality Act 2010 – What do I need to know as a Carer?: Download


DH factsheets explaining various aspects of the Care Act - View


Luke Clements’ updated briefing on the Care Act - Download


Carers UK – Looking after Someone – information and support for carers 2017 - Download

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Carers Partnership Group

We are an independent group of family carers of adults with a learning disability who live in Merton.

Our group is open to all family carers, whether your relative lives at home with you, in residential care, supported living or independently.

We try to make sure the views of carers are heard, and aim to improve the quality of life for adults with a learning disability and their families in Merton.

We usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month at the High Path Community Resource Centre in South Wimbledon. Our meetings start at 10am.

We invite people along each month to discuss things that are important to us and our relatives with a learning disability – for example the head of the Learning Disability team , the manager of Merton’s adult social care direct services (day centres, supported living, outreach etc), the Cabinet member responsible for adult social care, people running local voluntary groups (including Merton Mencap, the Centre for Independent Living and Carers Support Merton), and people involved in various parts of the health service including the specialist dental service, community nurses, and academic research at St George’s medical school. The idea is to both hear about any changes in local services, but also to make sure our views, as lifelong carers, are heard by the people who run these services.

Some members of our group also attend other local meetings – for example the Charging Consultation Group, the All Saints Respite monitoring group, and the Learning Disability forum (previously the Learning Disability Partnership Board.)

If you would like to meet other carers in a friendly, supportive group and have your say on matters which affect adults with a learning disability and family carers in Merton, why not join us!

Contact Sally Burns, chair of the Carers Partnership Group:

Telephone: 020  8542  9081 or email.