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About Merton Mencap


Merton Mencap was first registered as a charity in 1964, but its origins date as far back as 1946. For many years the charity operated entirely on a voluntary basis, and volunteers continue to make a valued contribution to our work today.

During the last few years, we have developed a wide range of high quality, innovative projects, activities and support services, both for people with a learning disability and for their family carers, aiming above all to increase our users’ opportunity and choice and promoting their inclusion in our community.

We have a dedicated, professional staff team led by a chief executive, supported by a committed Board of Trustees, working hard to support our users, helping them to have a life like any other. We provide services and activities in the London Borough of Merton.

About Learning Disability

A learning disability is life-long. It means that someone cannot learn communicate or understand as others do.

People with a learning disability face barriers in all aspects of their lives, throughout their lives, in health care, in education, in training and employment, in housing and in social and leisure activities.

Given the right support, people with a learning disability can lead very full and rewarding lives. At Merton Mencap, we enable some of the barriers faced by our users to be overcome, and we work to increase awareness and understanding of learning disability in our community and of the need to be more inclusive.